Basket Info

What materials are your baskets made of?

Our baskets are hand woven using elephant grass and hand-dyed using traditional, natural dyes from the earth (i.e. plants etc) as well as non-toxic fabric dyes. The handles of the baskets are covered with double woven, cured leather for reinforcement and style. Our baskets are a natural product and have not been treated with any chemicals. We want to keep your precious little bubs as healthy as you do. This means they are also eco friendly and completely sustainable.

How to reshape and clean your baskets? 

Occasionally your basket may need reshaping after it's been on its journey to its new home. If you've purchased a market basket, these will be sent flattened for ease of shipping. This is really quick and easy to do. Just wet the surfaces which need reshaping with cold water until the water has soaked the grass and use your hands to shape it (you'll be surprised at how malleable it will become). If you have purchased a market basket, simply run the whole basket (excluding the rim and handles) under the tap or submerge in water. Ensure you've allowed the basket to completely dry naturally in the shade or under a fan before using it. 

Spot clean your basket with water only.

Where are you baskets made? 

Our baskets are all hand made by talented artisans of Bolgatanga, a town in the Upper East Region of Ghana in West Africa. 

Can I purchase the same basket again? 

As our baskets are hand made, this means no two baskets are ever the same in colour, design or size. Please also be aware that the colour of the baskets may appear differently between each device. 

Due to the nature of most of our products being hand made, they are not expected to be perfect, however these minor imperfections are what creates character in each individual piece. This does not make them faulty.


Moses basket safety!

DO NOT move or carry your moses basket with your baby inside. It's important to remember these are not designed as a carrying device, remove your baby first. 

Product is recommended for use until your baby is approximately 4 months, when baby can roll over, push up or crawl, whichever limit comes first. After this time, please enjoy your moses basket for supervised day naps on the floor or as beach beds, toy baskets or even for your fur baby. 

Keep basket away from heaters, fires/flames, stoves, fireplaces, camp fires, open windows, water (running or standing), stairs, window blinds, and ANY and ALL other hazards which could cause injury. To keep these baskets safe for your baby, they have not been sprayed with chemical fire retardants. 

Baskets should always be placed on a firm and flat surface. DO NOT place it on tables, near stairs, or on any elevated surfaces. It is recommended to place the handles of the basket in an outward position when baby is in side. 

We recommend they be used for supervised naps only.

Please, follow the SIDS safe sleeping guidelines.